Fabian Oefner the artist behind the first NFT in the history of Lamborghini

Fabian Oefner the artist behind the first NFT in the history of Lamborghini
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Automobili Lamborghini reveals more information about the recently announced first NFT (non-fungible token) project in the company’s history. The artist behind the five pairs of physical and digital masterpieces is famous Swiss artist Fabian Aufner. The physical artwork, the Lamborghini Space Key, celebrates the Italian super sports car manufacturer’s spirit of innovation, while the digital piece of art has yet to be revealed.
Fabian Aufner explains his creations: “What I was interested in in creating this project is the intersection between the digital world and the physical world. This magic can be seen in two aspects of the project: the car and its components, a physical and real thing transformed into something digital, an image of a moment in time that was not It is pre-existing. And the carbon fiber piece, which is a physical and tangible thing, acts as a key to accessing the digital experience of a piece of art. Either way, there is a shift from the physical world to the digital world.”
The physical component of the project is the Space Key, which is five small pieces of carbon fiber that spent seven months in outer space aboard the International Space Station as part of a Lamborghini research project. Back on Earth and after several scientific tests, Oefner engrave the carbon fiber parts with a unique QR code that links the digital component. Each NFT is registered with its address and individually numbered. By scanning the code on carbon fiber to access the NFT, the physical and digital world come together.
More details about the NFT Space Time Memory project will be shared in the following days, including the nature of the digital artwork, auction house, auction date and time with the auction registration link.

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