Fanny’s Is Bringing Dinner and a Show to Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

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Fanny’s recently made her dinner debut at the Academic Museum of the Moving Image. The restaurant welcomes diners with a modern twist on Old Hollywood charm. The ceilings are soaring, the booths are made of classic red velvet and the walls are lined with drawings of famous figures from pop culture then and now — and most importantly, Barbra Streisand’s iconic role in funny girl, Fanny Price herself.

Los Angeles residents and visitors alike will enjoy the table-side carving of steak and Caesar salad, but the show doesn’t stop there. The DJ behind the antique booth plays music Wednesdays through Sundays for the obligatory dance in the space designed by Commune Design and designed by the late architect Osvaldo Maiozzi.

Commune design combines contemporary design with Hollywood glamour. The sprawling space pays homage to the museum’s studios and contemporary Saban building. Industrial themes showcase warm textures and organic materials such as maple, marble, zinc, and leather together to make way for local artists such as Atelier de Troupe and Adam Pogue. The mural, which wraps around the entire Fanny, was commissioned privately by Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Konstantin Cacanias.

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Cocktails are one of the highlights of Fanny’s experience and refer to some of the most famous Hollywood movies like Some like it hotAnd kill Bill and the the gladiator. At the bottom of the cocktail list, you’ll find the “best martini in the world” which I’m here to tell you, aptly named.

After dessert, guests are encouraged to wander the 10,000-square-foot space where they can play an eye spy with art and stroll up stairs to a wall lined with sketches of Fanny Price’s most iconic figures on display.

With the support of the Fran and Ray Stark Foundation, restaurateurs Bill Chet and Karl Schuster have teamed up with Executive Chef Raphael Francois, a familiar face in Michelin-starred kitchens across the United States and Europe. Chef Francois brings classics from around the world to the menu like homemade Cheese and black pepperWhole fish orata grilled on the stovetop and a killer burger.

Fanny’s is really a stopping point for breakfast and lunch. Now when it comes to dinner, whether you’re going after your visit to the Academy Museum or just visiting for a cocktail, Fanny will make the legendary vaudeville, comedian, and radio star, played by Babs herself, very proud.

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