Hundreds of art pieces go on display in Sarasota

Hundreds of art pieces go on display in Sarasota
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Sarasota art lovers are in for a treat as the city’s oldest visual arts nonprofit puts hundreds of new pieces on display.

Art Center Sarasota has been around since the 1920s and is hosting four new exhibitions.

“We have a very exciting group of artists,” executive director Kinsey Robb shared. “(The best part is) just being able to see the visitors interacting with our artwork.”

The exhibition debuted on Thursday night. In one room, Sarasota’s circuses take center stage, with the pieces having more “depth” than meets the eye.

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“My favorite part of what I do, working in this very precise, complicated cut paper, knowing that people are walking around thinking, ‘well it’s painted or it’s printed’, and then all of a sudden when they get up close and realize that it’s paper, like smack like they went into the funhouse, where they’re coming down a rollercoaster ride,” artist Philomena Marano said.

Marano has a series of pieces called “Circus Thrill Shows” as part of her exhibit called “Signs & Wonders”.

She specializes in an elegant cut-paper technique, which involves carefully cutting pieces of paper with Exacto knife blades and then layering them together to create an image.

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Another exhibit is called “The Sea is Alive in Me” and features ceramics inspired by the Gulf of Mexico and historical water pots. It’s artist Osa Atoe’s first local art exhibition since moving to Sarasota.

“A Place In The Sun” features photos from portrait photographer Susan Sidebottom. The final exhibit is an annual juried show, featuring various works of art from 196 members of the art center.

“Our mission is to create an open environment to promote artists from all different levels, backgrounds, nationalities, and areas of the United States and internationally,” Robb said.

Every piece of art is for sale. The exhibition runs until April 30.


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