Pablo Picasso NFTs Nixed—and More Art News –

Pablo Picasso NFTs Nixed—and More Art News –
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Waiting game. Because of the coronavirus situation in Hong Kong, Art Basel He pushes his exhibition in the city from February to May, Maximiliano Doron Reports in ARTnews. Earlier this month, organizers said they had locked in May dates as a precaution. Flights from eight countries, including the US and UK, are currently banned, and a 14-day quarantine is in effect (down from the current 21 days). The fair numbered 137 exhibitors, down from the more than 240 who signed up for the 2019 edition but up from 104 who took part in the 2021 outing. About 60 percent chose not to send staff to the event, instead relying on Basel-appointed assistants. In the so-called “ghost booths”.

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Hong Kong skyline during

auction. California. 1500 images of Jesus with a crown of thorns in it Sandro Botticelli Sold for $45.4 million, fees included, at Sotheby’s Old Masters sold out in New York, Angelica Villa reports ARTnews. The auction totaled $91 million, down from $114.5 million at the same event last year. In South Korea, two Buddhist artifacts registered as national treasures have not been sold K . auction In Seoul, per Yonhap. The financially besieged have offered them Kansung Museum of Artwhich is located in the capital. The Library of the Late US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Total reached $2.4 million via Bonhams, surpassing the event estimate by a remarkable 3,900 percent, according to Bloomberg.


Alleging the presence of profanity and nudity McMinn County School Board Tennessee voted to ban its curricula Art Spiegelmanngraphic novel the mouse (1980) on the Holocaust. Spiegelman called the move “Orwell” and said, “Tennessee is clearly dysfunctional. There’s something going very wrong there.” [CNBC]

Seems to be just announced Pablo Picasso NFTs are prohibited. “What happens is that some family members do not approve of the project,” he said. Florian PicassoHe is the grandson of the artist who helped launch it. Instead, NFTs associated with the work of Florian, a DJ, will be presented. [Associated Press]

Corky Lee, a photojournalist best known for documenting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, died Wednesday as a result of complications from COVID-19. He was 73. His work is included in the group Chinese Museum in America in New York. [Associated Press]

Second clause of the Supreme Court! Judge Stephen J. Breyer He announced his resignation from the court, but remained a juror in Pritzker Prize, the most prestigious architecture award, per reporter Matt Stevens. He has served on the committee since 2011. [The New York Times]

the University of California, Berkeley He returned the remains of at least 20 Wiots massacred by white men in 1860 to the tribe. They were stuck in the school Hearst Museum of Anthropology. [Associated Press]


AT HOME WITH AVANT-GARDE. Important residence created by Bauhaus legend Marcel Breuer In 1945 in a suburb of New York it was recently demolished by its owners, little zachary Reports in The New York Times, Some historians and conservatives are not satisfied. Among the many great things about this place is that it once had a Jackson Pollock The painting is now in the Iran collection Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Talk to the little one Joe Geller , who had grown up at home with his siblings (commissioned by their parents), recalled that when they were young, “We used to peel paint from Bullock. Oh my god.” kids! [NYT]

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