Salvador Dali protégé to display unique artwork in Tarpon Springs

Salvador Dali protégé to display unique artwork in Tarpon Springs
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Saint Petersburg artist Louis Marquia, whose work is on display at the Lipa Ratner Museum of Art, hopes to leave his viewers with a different perspective than they had when they entered the museum.

Markoya shared: “The biggest ambition of an artist is to make the viewer smarter after seeing your art.”

The exhibition “Louis Marquia: A Deeper Understanding” is on display at the Museum at Saint Petersburg College in Tarpon Springs.

Marquia’s unique artistic style takes viewers on a colorful and insightful exploration of depth and volume in a way they might not be prepared for.

“Depth is something we’re all used to,” Marquia explained. “Deepness in art is not something we are used to.”

It creates intensely colorful and creative 3D artwork.

“Most of the 3D images here started as an oil painting,” he explained. “When I’m done with the oil painting, I shoot it in high definition, separating elements from it in layers in Photoshop.”

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The resulting work makes the viewer pause while trying to understand the complexity of the images while absorbing the visual and suggested content.

“I’ve always been interested in the human capacity to think and the human capacity for abilities,” Marquia commented. “The nice thing I’ve found about 3D is that it brings up the idea of ​​what you’re trying to convey.”

His work gives a nod to his inspiration Salvador Dali. Marquia worked for five years with the Spanish visionary, and the influence is evident in this exhibition in the careful use of similar forms and ideas for direct attribution to his once-working teacher.

However, his focus is on the viewer who comes to see the work for the first time.

“I try to make something nice enough for someone to stop and look at it,” Marcoy admitted. “While developing the entire show, I wanted to give the viewer something special.”

The museum is located at 600 E Klosterman Road, Tarpon Springs. The exhibition is now on view through February 6, with the artist coming to answer questions every Saturday.

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